When Family Plan To Move Away

Yesterday I went to Somerset to visit family. 

Their story is like something from a story book. My family are kind of globe-trotters, they have lived in various places abroad for many years and have been back in the U.K. for nearly a year. 

They are currently living in a house which everyone falls in love with. It’s set deep in the country, full of character – being over 300yrs old,  has lots of rooms, lots of ground, and has fruit trees in the garden and everything. 

The House

So when I went down to visit yesterday, the sun was blazing, the company was amazing, and it just seemed like the most idyllic place in the world. 

We went for a walk, the dog was happy and excited all day, wanting everyone to throw a frisbee for him, and we had a barbecue in the evening. 

Happy Dog In The Garden

I got sunburnt, which was no surprise. But my suncream didn’t fail me, I just forgot to apply some to my neckline. So naturally, I’m feeling a little sore and wounded today, but I am just glad that I didn’t get heat stroke. 

My family have plans to live abroad again and want to leave within a few months, so this trip felt a little bittersweet. 

There have been many years that I haven’t seen them, and when they lived abroad it felt surreal to finally visit them.

So yesterday I was sat there appreciating the moment and the company before they go, before I don’t see them for years again, and before I never visit that lovely place again. But, I realised how lucky I was to have them back closer to us for the past few months, and yesterday meant a lot to me.

Although I love them very much and I will miss them, I know that they have to do what makes them happy, and I know that I can see them in their new home and visit a new place in the world. 

Thanks for reading! 

Becky 🙂



Hi All,

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time so far to read yesterday’s blog. I have been astounded by the amazing response that I’ve had.  I really wasn’t expecting it!

As I had been following Faye on Twitter (since late Feb cause that’s what I started blogging), I had seen her preparing for the marathon. I then read the 26 different stories and it just amplified my interest in her project.

When I realised that hours later I was still thinking about her work, and the other people’s story’s I realised that this might me something I wanted to share!

This past day or so has made me think about the quote from Anne Frank:

 ‘Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.’

This quote is still true today, and it shows that people are not always free in giving compliments and praises to people for their qualities, achievements or simply appreciation of the person, even if they want to. Then they are regretful when the moment has past.

So, if you admire the good that you see in other people, tell them.

If you admire someone for their kindness or good work, speak out.

If you just want to tell someone close to you that you love them and everything they do, say it!

Everyone needs to be appreciated for the wonderful things that they do every day.

Thanks again for reading,

Becky 🙂