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Auras: Do They Help or Hinder?

Auras: Do They Help or Hinder? How do auras affect your epilepsy?



Hi All, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time so far to read yesterday’s blog. I have been astounded by the amazing response that I’ve had.  I really wasn’t expecting it! As I had been following Faye on Twitter (since late Feb cause that’s what I started blogging), I had seen her preparing for the marathon. I then read the 26 different stories and it just amplified my interest in her project. When I realised that hours later I was still… Read more Yesterday

Life Saving Pets

As promised in my last blog, pets can have an amazing impact on our lives as they constantly provide us with love and comfort. But when people are seriously unwell, there are some dogs that can literally save their owners lives. These dogs come in the form of medical alert dogs. Medical alert dogs can help with a wide range of medical conditions from seizures, heart conditions, diabetes and even allergies. How do medical alert dogs actually help people? With regards to heart conditions, diabetes and allergies, medical alert dogs… Read more Life Saving Pets