About Me



My name is Becky and I decided to start a blog due to the negative stigmas that I have experience from having epilepsy.

I have been surprised by how some people still fear epilepsy or view it in a negative light. This made me consider others with epilepsy and how they must be feeling if they too have had the same experiences as myself.

I then saw an opportunity to write my blog in order to help others. Not only that but I saw an opportunity to educate others about epilepsy.

I’ve thought that if it were possible, I would love to help promote more awareness and understanding about epilepsy, helping to break down these negative stigmas.

Plus, if I could create additional motivational posts that will provide you with some positivity, make you ponder, or learn something new then I would be very happy.

I hope we can all share great stories together and look on the positive side of life whenever possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, your support is greatly appreciated!

If you want to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you can find me @ArdentJourneys

Thank you!