My First Childhood Hero

I have planned to periodically write about people who have inspired me.

There are many role models in my life, which include both world-renowned legends and treasured family members. I love discovering new people who inspire me and I look forward to sharing the varying characters with you.

By the way, my list of role models expands continually. I think you can never have too many people to look up to.

The person I am going to write about today was the first person I can truly remember looking up to as a child and aspiring to be like in the future.

I am sure many of you have already guessed who I am about to write about as this day is particularly poignant for them (31/08/2017).

This person is Princess Diana.


Even though I was only a small child when she passed away, I has always saw her face on the news and in the papers. Although my parents sheltered me from the difficulties that she was dealing with in the early nineties. From my point of view – as a child, I always saw Diana as the princess; of course she would always be in the paper.

After Diana sadly passed away, I soon discovered that there was a little bit more to Diana than I originally knew. I naturally became curious to learn more about her, so my Mum bought me a little Ladybird book about her.I adored that book.


I couldn’t believe how many lives she had altered. I learnt about her selfless nature to help others, the fact that she was a devoted mother…and had the best dresses in the world! For me as a little girl she seemed like the perfect hero, who oozed unconditional love. I could not find anything I didn’t like about her.


Looking back, I think it’s an unusual thing, to be a young child and be inspired by such a strong influential woman, who was committed to helping others and make a good impression on the world. This is something that has stayed with me through to adulthood; Princess Diana is still a powerful influence on my life, as I believe she is for millions of other people.

Twenty years on, people still remember and miss her.

There are very few people in this world that are huge positive influencers, making great changes to the world, breaking down stigmas, and that help and support anyone who needs it.

I am glad that I had Princess Diana was my first role model, I believe she is the best person a child could look up to.



Thanks for reading,

Becky 🙂



Where Have I Been?


Apologies for a lack of post in recent weeks, I haven’t been on holidays or anything, I have had the flu. 😦

It’s been a nasty dose, the kind where you don’t even want to leave the house.

But I’m glad to report that I’m on the mend, I’m just left with a terrible cough that scares the cat out of the room.

However it’s surprising, even though I might have controlled epilepsy, I have been anxious over these past two weeks thinking that the sleepless nights and my high temperatures might cause a seizure.

Thankfully I was ok, I did the best I could making sure I had plenty of rest and didn’t over exert myself.

Even today, I woke up feeling miles better and went out, planning a massive day of shopping, walking in the fresh air and catching up with friends. But after an hour out I felt really depleted and realised that I wasn’t as healthy as I originally thought. So I decided to listen to warning signs and went home for a rest.

Yes it’s boring, but it’s better that being unwell. (I have learnt the hard way in the past!)

Hopefully, I’ll be 100% again in the next few days!

Thanks for reading!

And hope you’re all well!

Becky 🙂