When Family Plan To Move Away

Yesterday I went to Somerset to visit family. 

Their story is like something from a story book. My family are kind of globe-trotters, they have lived in various places abroad for many years and have been back in the U.K. for nearly a year. 

They are currently living in a house which everyone falls in love with. It’s set deep in the country, full of character – being over 300yrs old,  has lots of rooms, lots of ground, and has fruit trees in the garden and everything. 

The House

So when I went down to visit yesterday, the sun was blazing, the company was amazing, and it just seemed like the most idyllic place in the world. 

We went for a walk, the dog was happy and excited all day, wanting everyone to throw a frisbee for him, and we had a barbecue in the evening. 

Happy Dog In The Garden

I got sunburnt, which was no surprise. But my suncream didn’t fail me, I just forgot to apply some to my neckline. So naturally, I’m feeling a little sore and wounded today, but I am just glad that I didn’t get heat stroke. 

My family have plans to live abroad again and want to leave within a few months, so this trip felt a little bittersweet. 

There have been many years that I haven’t seen them, and when they lived abroad it felt surreal to finally visit them.

So yesterday I was sat there appreciating the moment and the company before they go, before I don’t see them for years again, and before I never visit that lovely place again. But, I realised how lucky I was to have them back closer to us for the past few months, and yesterday meant a lot to me.

Although I love them very much and I will miss them, I know that they have to do what makes them happy, and I know that I can see them in their new home and visit a new place in the world. 

Thanks for reading! 

Becky 🙂


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