Benefits of a Seizure Diary

Years ago, I was advised to record any auras or seizures that I was experiencing. In all honesty I thought it wouldn’t be that beneficial, as my healthcare advisers had only advised me to record seizure activity. So being the organised teenager I was, I just wrote them down on the family calendar… which wasn’t that helpful. Plus I forgot to record most of them.

One Christmas I was given a small diary/calendar and initially I didn’t think I would use it until I decided that it could be beneficial as a seizure diary.  I always kept it near-by and I would make a record if I had an aura or seizure. Not only that, but I would also note how I had been feeling around that time, and would mention if I had exams etc. or if I had been particularly stressed or anxious about anything.

I was surprised by how well it worked. I was able to look over the weeks and months to see exactly what triggered my auras. The majority of the time, it was a combination of stress and fatigue. It was a relief to look back at the diary and realise that an aura didn’t always appear out of nowhere, it mainly happened due to other events in life. After that I made sure that I took better care of my health to deter auras and seizures.

I now have a collection of tiny diaries where I can glance over the years and see exactly how I had been feeling.

I would definitely recommend anyone with epilepsy to have their very own seizure diary as it could help identify their seizure triggers.

I only wish that I had started keeping a seizure diary sooner.

Thanks for reading!

Becky 🙂

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