Are You A Daffodil or A Dandelion?

sunIts spring time. The time for flowers to bloom with their beautiful blossoms, in pastel pinks.

A time where crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils that presents a stunning display of colour.

But these flowers are so delicate, some, without special care cannot survive the harsh winter to witness the spring.

But as I look among all the flowers and the colours, there is another colour of yellow amongst it.

The Dandelions. They grow through almost anything to ensure that they will survive. Many people despise them, they upset their flower beds and they spread like wildfire. But I see a strong-willed plant that will never give up. They will grow through the smallest crack in the pavement and in the tiniest amount of soil. Unlike some of the delicate spring flowers dandelions will experience the same weather and storms and live to tell the tale, looking perfect the next day.

And after it’s flowered – depending on your outlook, it will become a wish.


So which are you? A daffodil or a dandelion?

Thanks for reading!


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